15 best EDC Knives

We talk a lot about the term ‘everyday carry‘. Not everyone understands what it means, but you’re almost certain to be a part of the movement. It’s a space that’s growing rapidly, and a cornerstone
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I bought a br& new Glock 20 3rd gen a few weeks ago & have now burned enough ammo through it to yield my thoughts. It is my second Glock, first one being a model
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Hiking Boots

Choosing the Best Hiking Boots For You

It’s thrilling to picture yourself trekking through trails in the hills and mountains, taking in the crisp air and all of the nature around you, but before you get wrapped up in the dream of
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Paracord Colors

Paracord Braiding Set far apart from those plastic wovem braids is Paracord Braiding which is done with a nylon all around utility cord commonly known as paracord 550.  It is a tough, long lasting cord developed by
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Backpacker at Ornak Peak in Tatra Mountains, Poland

Hiking With a Purpose

Expand your weight loss efforts by hitting the trails. Geocaching is an activity that gives hiking a purpose and is a unique way to increase your cardio. Geocaching is hiking with a dual purpose. Hiking is
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North Face Jester Backpack

My North Face Jester Review When it comes to ergonomically-designed backpacks that do not compromise utility, The North Face makes the best of them. Perfect as a day-hike backpack to hit the trails with, a
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