January 2016

How to Choose the Best Camping Cookware for You


Don’t you just hate having to do with meals ready-to-eat (MREs) or other crappy camping food readily processed and sold when you’re out backpacking? It’s a good thing there are now many cookware options that will enable you to still enjoy a hot – and decent – meal even when you are out there communing with nature.

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How to Dressing in Layers for Outdoor Activities


It is quite a no-brainer, really. If you’re going somewhere cold, wear something thick. If it’s somewhere you expect to be warm, wear lighter clothing. It becomes tricky when you really have no idea how the weather will turn out, despite what weather forecasts indicate. And, in backpacking trips, that is often the case. This is where the principle of layering becomes very essential: its versatility shows a degree of preparedness and practicality on your part and affords you a level of comfort and protection when you are out there, at one with nature and exposed to its volatility.

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How to Choose the Best Hiking Poles


Many are under the impression that hiking poles – also known as trekking poles – are like your normal walking stick: they are there to keep you from falling or tipping over. However, more than serving as a crutch to keep you upright, these poles are designed to give you more stability and support anywhere and everywhere, not just to prop you up. Thus, if you’re going to look for something that will keep you on your feet, you might as well choose the best one.

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How to Choose the Best Hiking Gaiters

Hiking Boot

Are you familiar with gaiters? Gaiters are designed to protect both your footwear and your lower leg and shins at the same time. Imagine having dirt, snow or moisture get into your feet through the tops of your footwear and also scraping, and wetting your leg, even through the fabric of your hiking pants. That’s what gaiters are for. Therefore, to take full advantage of a gaiter’s features, you must choose one that will serve you well.

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How to Choose the Best Backpack for You


Never underestimate the advantages a good backpack can bring you. Whether you’re going to school, going camping, or on a backpacking trip across the continent, a backpack will help you in more ways than one. Not only will it hold all your stuff, it will also be your companion on these trips and forays. Therefore, you need a companion that won’t bring you down and will see you through even the roughest and harshest times.

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How to Pick The Right Car Rack For You


Hauling gear around need not be a pain any longer with the many choices now made available to sports and outdoors enthusiasts. Whatever your activity is, there is an ideal car rack or carrier that you can use in order to transport your gear around effortlessly. Let us try to look into the car rack options you can choose from, and how to go about the process of making that choice.

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How to Adjust the Fit of your Backpack


Is the Fitting of your Backpack Important?

Don’t you just hate it when you’re wearing a backpack yet you feel like there’s a yoke around your shoulders, all the way down to your back? Think of the discomfort and the ensuing pain that you will have to deal with, because it will happen, mark my words. Not to mention the long-term effects on your posture, your back, shoulders and hips. Aside from comfort considerations, a perfect fit of the backpack would also ensure you won’t be jeopardizing your overall health.

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How to Choose Hiking Socks

Hiking Socks

Good Hiking Socks Keep You Going On The Trail

Dry, comfortable, socks which keep your feet from blistering rates up there with a warm, dry, sleeping bag, as far as essential gear.

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How to Pack your Backpack Properly


Are you the type to just stow all your stuff in your backpack, load it all up and go? How comfortable were you after a while? The use of a backpack implies weight and the use of your shoulders, back, and hip. Thus, how you pack it has a bearing on your overall comfort and experience in whatever activity you are going to be engaged in.

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