February 2016

How to Choose the Best Base Layer


Never discount the importance of wearing the best base layer since it is the garment responsible for regulating your body temperature. It should be able to wick perspiration away from your skin and keep it warm and dry. A very good base layer – mainly some types of T-shirts, tights, briefs, sports bras and other underwear – will prevent any feelings of discomfort when you are performing any outdoor activity and also ward off hypothermia during winter or cold weather.

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Asolo Fugitive GTX Review

8.7tech score

My Asolo Fugitive GTX Review

Comfort, versatility and light weight. These are the three main things one would look for in a pair of hiking boots. After all, who would want to be treading treacherous terrain with their heels and toes suffering every step of the way? I know I wouldn’t.  So in your search for that perfect pair of hiking boots that will take you places and keep you on your (healthy and painless) toes – literally and figuratively – if you come across the Asolo Fugitive GTX Men’s Light Hiking Boots, do not think twice.

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