July 2017

Paracord Colors


Paracord Braiding

Set far apart from those plastic wovem braids is Paracord Braiding which is done with a nylon all around utility cord commonly known as paracord 550.  It is a tough, long lasting cord developed by the military during WWII for U.S. paratroopers.  If you are just beginning with your first paracord-braiding project, you should try to make something somewhat easy until your confidence builds – and it will build fast after your first braiding project .

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Hiking With a Purpose

Backpacker at Ornak Peak in Tatra Mountains, Poland

Expand your weight loss efforts by hitting the trails. Geocaching is an activity that gives hiking a purpose and is a unique way to increase your cardio.

Geocaching is hiking with a dual purpose. Hiking is a great weight loss activity and searching for the hidden treasures makes it fun.

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North Face Jester Backpack


My North Face Jester Review

When it comes to ergonomically-designed backpacks that do not compromise utility, The North Face makes the best of them. Perfect as a day-hike backpack to hit the trails with, a school backpack to hold all your books and binders, a travel backpack to bring you from one place to another, and an everyday backpack that will basically hold all your day-to-day essentials, The North Face Jester does not jest in its functionality while bringing you durability, comfort and style.

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