Bushmaster CAR15 .223 – The Perfect Survival Rifle Review


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8.8 tech score Once again the rifle performed beautifully. 180 rounds in about two minutes and this thing wanted to keep going. There is a reason why so many militaries around the world use this kind of weapon. It excels on the field of battle and will excel in any survival situation you encounter.

You can ask 10 different people what the best survival rifle is and you will get 10 different answers. Well I am going to give you my answer. The Bushmaster CAR15 .223 in my opinion is a great survival rifle for so many reasons.

First lets start with the basics of the rifle. This is an AR platform that performs very well. It has a carbon 15 upper and lower, 16″ lightweight barrel, telescoping stock, Bushnell red dot sight, 30 round magazine and it weighs in around 5 pounds. The Bushmaster rifle is legal in most states but unfortunately is illegal in a few states because of certain features (you know what states you are, wake up and give your citizens their rights!.) We know we might hear a lot of negative feedback and disagreement because we are saying an AR with a .223 round is a great survival rifle. Do we care? Actually no we don’t. We think after are testing and the facts we are laying out we might actually change some minds. We are confident this rifle would perform in any situation and the reasons below are why.

So why do I think this is such a great survival rifle? There are so many different reasons why it is and I will do my best to lay out my argument here. One of the main reasons is because it is so versatile. If you need it to hunt for food it will go the job very well. It will easily take out small game and with a well placed shot will have enough power to take out big game as well (before you say it won’t let me say, YES it actually will.) Remember food is an important part of any survival situation and this rifle will give you the accuracy and power to put some food on your table.

The Bushmaster Car15 is also pretty lightweight. At only around 5 pounds it is not going to slow you down at all. You can easily carry it over your shoulder with a sling or just carry it in your hands for long distances and it will not be much of a burden. Remember in a survival situation it is important to conserve your energy, having this lightweight rifle will help you do that.

One of the most important reasons why it is such a great survival rifle is because of the ammo it uses and how it handles ammo. The .223 round could be found at pretty decent prices online and even at some local gun shops. 223 ammo can also be purchased in large bulk quantities so you are always prepared. Some people are wary about buying bulk ammo because they think it will cause problems with their firearms. This could be true with some firearms but it is not the case with the Bushmaster Car15. This rifle literally eats up anything you put in it. We have shot thousands of rounds of the dirtiest and cheapest Russian ammo and this thing just keeps on shooting. This is what you want in a survival rifle. You want a rifle that is not going to bankrupt you when it comes to purchasing ammo and you want a rifle that is going to fire when you want it to. This is what the Bushmaster does, it allows you to stock up on ammo for cheap without having to worry if the gun is going to fire.

So we have went over how the rifle is good for hunting in a survival situation and how it will eat up any ammo you feed it. So how would it handle itself in a fire fight. Are you going to feel confident that you will come out on top with this rifle? The chances of you walking away instead of the bad guy are very good with this rifle. With 30 round magazines and the option to purchase aftermarket magazines that will hold even more rounds, this rifle has the capability to put a lot of rounds down range very quickly. When we took the Bushmaster to the range recently we did some quick fire drills where we emptied multi magazines very rapidly. We wanted to see how the rifle performed in a rapid fire situation so we emptied six 30 round magazines within about two minutes time.

Have we convinced you yet on why this Bushmaster CAR15 is such a good survival rifle? Do you want a very good priced rifle (under $700 on certain sites) that will do everything you need in a survival rifle? If you do than go pick up a Bushmaster CAR 15, you really will NOT be disappointed. We recommend this rifle to anyone that wants a versatile survival rifle that will perform well in any situation and will not break the bank on the way.

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