Wilderness Systems Tempest Sea Kayak Review

8.6tech score

Wilderness Systems Tempest Sea Kayak

The Wilderness Systems Tempest Sea Kayak, made with Polyethylene, is the leading product of the kayaks in the Tempest line of Sea products. With its exceptional designs, features and functionality in the industry, the Wilderness Systems Tempest recently won the Sea Kayakers Magazines prestigious “SK’s Readers Choice Award for the Best Weekend Touring Kayak”; a remarkable award that opened the eyes of boat lovers towards the wonderful features of this product.

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Wilderness Systems Pungo Angler Review

8.8tech score

Wilderness Systems Pungo Angler Fishing Kayak

The Wilderness Systems Pungo Angler Fishing Kayak is the leading recreational Kayak that out-performs motorboat. It is designed with all the features needed to give users exceptional cruising experience on lakes, ponds, sounds and slow deep rivers which is the true meaning of its name “Pungo”. As a climb and tour device, Wilderness Systems Pungo Angler Fishing Kayak is designed to provide both beginners and experienced paddlers with the most remarkable touring experience.

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How to Properly Store Your Canoe


If you think about it, the best possible canoe care and maintenance tip that you’d probably get is storage when it’s not in use. And not just any kind of storage; it must be proper canoe storage. But how should you go about it?

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Finding the Right Stand Up Paddleboard


Stand-up paddleboards, or SUP, have been gaining popularity over the years as more and more people are discovering it as another way to enjoy the water. If you are relatively new to this activity and this is your first water “sport”, then you’d be advised to be careful about choosing which paddleboard to buy. If this isn’t your first time engaging in a similar activity, you’d already know that choosing a paddleboard would require the same level of care and consideration normally applied when choosing, say, a kayak or a surfboard.

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How to Stay Dry With The Right Spray Skirts


They say that if you are going to engage in any water-based activity, you have to be ready to get wet. In fact, you should even welcome it. However, if that were the case, then you should probably forget about whitewater paddling or kayaking as a hobby, and just indulge in swimming, right? But that’s not the case. You still want to carry on paddling, but you don’t want to be swamped inside your kayak, either. That’s what the spray skirt is for.

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Be Rescued From Making A Bad Choice of Paddling Safety And Rescue Gear


When is it safe to say that you have chosen the proper, not to mention the best quality of paddling safety and rescue gear? When they belong to a specific brand known to churn out high-quality products? When they cost an arm and a leg? Just because the gear came from a reputable manufacturer and you do not have qualms about throwing money around does not mean you should take the issue of safety and rescue lightly.

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Kayaking 101 – What You Should Know


So you want to get serious about kayaking. You have already decided to buy yourself a kayak and your schedule for the coming months has enough room for trips to the river or the lake to “do your thing”, so to speak. The problem is, you don’t have the basics down just yet, and you’re afraid you may have missed something if you forge head on with it. What should you do?

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