How to Take Care of your Hiking Boots


The most important tools when hiking or trekking are your legs and feet. After all, how can you expect to get from one place to another on “faulty equipment”? One way to ensure they are in good working order is to buy the proper hiking boots. It doesn’t end there, though. Maintenance and care are required if you hope to keep your hiking boots – and your feet – in tiptop shape for whatever hiking challenge they may be faced with.

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How To Choose Gear For A Triathlon


A great part of the success of every endeavor boils down to how prepared you were from the start. If you’re going to be joining a triathlon, it would be in your best interest to be prepared weeks, even months, before the actual event. You’ve conditioned your mind and your body, but what about the rest? Do you have the right gear that will take you through what promises to be a challenging and physically grueling activity?

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How To Pick Out The Perfect Walking Shoes For You


Walking takes you from Point A to Point B. For some, it is also a form of exercise, to keep themselves fit. Remember how much care you put into picking out running shoes? Believe it or not, you also have to put a lot of thought and consideration when choosing your walking shoes. Beyond looks and style, there is more to walking shoes than meets the eye.

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The Basics of Trail Running

Hydration-Pack (1)

Are you looking for a new hobby, and have set your sights on trail running? Good for you! However, bear in mind that trail running is a lot different from the type of running you do around the park or in your neighborhood or your treadmill at home. It is time to learn a bit of the basics of trail running.

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How to Choose The Best Energy Food and Drinks


Let’s face it, you cannot bring your entire pantry with you on a hiking trail. Can you picture yourself stopping in the middle of a hike in order to cook your favorite pasta? That’s hardly possible because not only you will need a lot of ingredients, you will also have to have certain kitchen tools. So what’s the next best thing? Energy food and drinks, of course.

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