MkIII Navy Combat Knife

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The MK-3 Navy Knife from Ontario OKC is part of their Military Issued line of knives. It has a black oxide coated 440A steel blade with a sharpened clip point and serrated spine. Steel guard and pommel with the molded plastic handle that is textured for grip. This knife comes with a snug fitting molded plastic sheath.

Of all the knives I’ve tried out, this is the one I carry.

I like it for a lot of reasons:

  • It comes with a sheath ready to hang from a pistol belt
  • its water resistant
  • The grip is excellent
  • Doubles as saw and hammer 🙂

Often described & sold as a “Vietnam Combat Knife” or “Navy SEAL Knife” or “Navy Divers Knife.”

It hadn’t been invented yet during Vietnam, & the SEALS & other divers may have used it, but so did a whole lot of other ordinary GIs.

They were only designed as the replacement for the time-tested USN MKII (Ka-Bar) as the common purpose Fighting/Utility Knife.

At any rate, the knife was a mess as a combat, utility, or dive knife, & only used for a short period in the 1980’s & 90’s before it was replaced.

While many combat knives are designed for fighting, I take mine along on hikes, mostly. Since guns are illegal to carry in most hiking areas, I strap on the Mk III. I’ve used it far more often to whittle sticks than to fight off bears, but I think if I ever do need to use it, it’ll do the job nicely, and since it’s water resistant, I don’t have to worry about the thing rusting away or losing its edge.

If you’re going to get one of these, or any knife, for that matter, I’d recommend getting the Boker rubber training knives as well . . .

Where to buy: Amazon
Cost: $75

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