Sleeping Bags

The North Face Cat’s Meow Review

8.1tech score

While hiking the trails on a warm sunny day, little did I suspect I’d spend the night tossing and turning in a cold and damp sleeping bag. I certainly didn’t expect the light rain and mist, or the drop in temperature that ended up wreaking havoc to my weekend. Never again! After that trip I went online to search for a sleeping bag that holds up to damp environments and changes in temperature. I came across some interesting tidbits on sleeping bags, including how to choose one, which I would like to share with you. That’s to prevent this misadventure from happening to you!

Additionally, based on this new enlightening information, I discovered the “purr fect” sleeping bag – The North Face Cat’s Meow. It’s available in both a men’s and women’s version; for comparison, however, I’ll provide a woman’s perspective.

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