So you want to enjoy the great outdoors. But wouldn’t you want still have indoor comforts while you are outdoors? What a preposterous idea, you may think. Obviously, you’ve never appreciated the importance of a tent when you go backpacking or camping. A tent is more than a shelter when you’re “out there”. It is, after all, your temporary home away from home.

Choose the right tent according to your needs

When choosing what tent to buy, you should base your decision on your exact needs. Here are a few considerations you have to ponder when contemplating a tent purchase.

  • How many people can the tent accommodate? – We’re talking about the tent’s sleeping capacity. Is it a solo tent or can it sleep two, three or more people? If you expect to share a tent with three other people, it hardly makes sense to buy a 2-person tent now, is it?
  • What is the season and weather condition that the tent will be expected to brave? – If you expect to camp in cold and windy climes, you should buy one that is made of material that can withstand the onslaught of wind and even rain. Summer campers would consider those that have mesh panels for ventilation. There are some all-season tent being sold now, designed to handle even the worst weather conditions imaginable.
  • How heavy is it? – Depending on the activity you are going on, the weight of the tent is an important consideration since it will be additional weight to the gear that you’d have to carry around. If you are going on a trek that will see you on a trail and rough terrain for most of the day, you’d prefer a tent that is made of lighter material so it won’t weigh you down too much.
  • How spacious is the vestibule for gear storage? – The vestibule is usually an extension of the rainfly that serves as an isolated storage area for boots or other dirty or damp gear you want to separate from the rest of your stuff. The more storage space it provides without adding too much bulk and weight to the tent, the better.

Features that makes the difference

Sure, almost all tents have the same basic features, the same parts that one usually looks for in a camping or backpacking tent. However, there are some features of these tents that merit a closer look, if only to make that final decision as to which tent to buy.

  • The material of the tent itself: This refers to the fabric used in the tent which, commonly, is either nylon or polyester. Depending on the activity you will be embarking on, you should make your choice after evaluating which fabric will serve you better. Polyester is more water-resistant but tends to weigh more than the lightweight and more abrasion-resistant nylon. To enforce this durability against tears and rips, ripstop nylon is used. The interior and sometimes even the exterior of the tent is applied with coating – often polyurethane – to enforce its resistance to rain and water.
  • The pole materials: Most tent poles are made of aluminum due to their durability and strength.
  • The number of doors: Doors are important because they are the entry and exit points of the tent. Often, 1-person tents have only one door. Some tents that can sleep more than one person are made with 2 doors which come in handy when sharing a tent with others.
  • The ease of pitching: It shouldn’t take you too long to set up the tents; you shouldn’t have too much difficulty figuring out what goes where and which end connects to which end. Of course you wouldn’t have that problem if you choose to buy those freestanding tents that do not require the use of stakes.

Invest, do not buy

Remember that what you will be buying is something that will provide shelter for you during those adventure trips or excursions. Therefore, you shouldn’t just go out and randomly buy the first tent that catches your eye. Be a wise tent buyer; know that the best backpacking tent that you should buy is that one that you actually need.

How can I save some money from the purchase of my tent

The best way for not compromise on quality, is to search for merchant coupons and promo codes. This way you will be able to save some money from your purchases, hence you will get exactly the tent that is best for you.
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