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Havasu Falls

It’s an eight-mile hike to reach Supai village and two more miles to the Havasu Falls campground.The first mile of the hike from the trailhead at Hualapai Hilltop has some steep switchbacks, but the rest of the trail is relatively mild following a flat, sandy canyon.

Beautiful sandstone canyons with ancient pictographs, vibrant red hue, and the headwaters of Havasu Creek await those who explore this path.Even those whose physique has seen better days can make this round trip hike with a good attitude, and smart hiking.

Procedure – Hire a Helicopter 

Whether you’re sightseeing in a new city or touching down on the bull’s eye target of a corporate roof, travel by Cessna or any helicopter is a unique and speedy mode of transportation. While most of us can’t afford the luxury of owning a chopper, there are times and occasions when renting a helicopter is a worthwhile splurge for a bird’s eye view.

  1. Contact a major airline and ask about their helicopter services. Depending on the type of flight you are seeking, the airline may have existing routes to fit your needs. For example, Continental Airlines has offered promotions of helicopter transport from their base in Newark, New Jersey, into Manhattan.
  2. .Call three area helicopter charter companies. Lists can be found in local telephone directories and online. The Air Charter Guide website below offers listing by aircraft. Visit their websites and, if possible, go to their physical location and inspect their site and their aircraft. The way they run their business and handle their fleet may be evident even to a layperson.
  3. Ask about their pilot certification, flight hours and experience on the helicopters in their fleet. Ask about the company’s safety record and maintenance programs. While you may not know the ins and outs of helicopter mechanics, comparing different companies’ responses to these questions will assist you in making an educated choice.
  4. Tell the company why need the helicopter and how many people will travel with you. They will recommend a suitable aircraft with the most appropriate accessories. A helicopter being used for quick transport may not have the same features as one used mostly for aerial photography.
  5. Ask about flight bundle packages. While prices vary widely from company to company and craft to craft and depend on where and how far you travel, most companies offer discounts to repeat clients.
  6. Pay for and book your flight. Arrive at the airfield on time and follow the instructions of your pilot. Do not attempt to board the helicopter until your pilot is there to assist you.

Tips & Warnings
Be patient regarding weather. A no-go on your departure time or date is for your safety.
If you are using the flight for photography or filming, ask for references. Some pilots have stellar reputations for getting that killer shot.
Do not overpack. Even more so than on an airplane, weight matters and affects the way the aircraft handles.

A guided travel with a licensed guide may be the best way to see Havasu Falls.Meals, mules, permits, gear and all the details are taken care of for you. Professional guiding companies offer a safe, hassle-free experience, and more importantly, you have someone with you who know the area inside and out, so you don’t miss a thing.

Some necessary information’s you should keep in your notebook when traveling with helicopter to tackle any kind of helicopter related issues in your travel for camping in Havasu Falls 


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