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here are so many things that could go wrong when you are not wearing the wrong pair of shoes when taking on the great outdoors. Pinched, constricted and stubbed toes, sore insteps, battered heels… Worst case scenario would have you twisting an ankle or pulling a tendon. Not only will you end up not enjoying trail running, you’d also be in agony. Why go through all that when you could avoid it simply by using the right pair of shoes for taking on the trail? Like the Salomon Speedcross 2, for instance?

Speeding through its Features

  • Ultra-light: Weighing only a very light 290 gr (10.22 oz), it caters to your need for speed and won’t inconvenience you when you are just raring to go and get on your way.
  • Snug fit: Its use of the Sensifit technology makes the Speedcross 2 fit your fit snugly and precisely so you won’t have to worry too much about slipping or losing your balance.
  • Strong and steady grip: The Winter Contragrip rubber outsoles used in this pair of shoes is indicative of its being constructed for snowy terrain. The super sticky rubber also acts as a shock absorber even while its lugs provide a solid grip and impressive traction in even the toughest terrain. Mud, dirt, snow… you name it, it’ll nail it.
  • Soft and cushiony: Aside from the outsole absorbing impact and shock on the foot, its cushioning system typical of Salomon trail running shoes is made of EVA padding that makes for great running while protecting your heels from jarring impact from uneven ground. Its footbed is made of Ortholite foam that moulds to the arches and shape of your feet, offering more support.
  • Lace and go: Salomon’s Quicklace lacing system requires only one tug to tighten the laces and ensure your foot receives the maximum amount of stability and precise fit. The lace pockets are also an added plus to fully make sure they don’t get unravelled while you are on the move.

What Speedcross 2 Users Say

Some refer to the Speedcross 2 as the “ultimate outdoor shoe for its traction, stability and superior cushioning regardless of the terrain or activity involved. It is very light and built to be as snug as climbing shoes, so you can only use this for climbing and not just limited to running through trails.”

Complaints against the Speedcross 2

Unfortunately, this pair is not waterproof so it might not be wise to use this when it is heavily raining. Your feet will surely get soaked. One other complaint against the Speedcross 2 is about its heel cushion. Some find it too high that they compared it to running on high heels. It’s a good thing it’s soft and very cushy. Otherwise, it would be very disastrous to hit the uneven ground running in heels.

If you are keen on trail running, cross country, racing or simply all-weather training, grab yourself a pair of Salomon Speedcross 2 Trail Running Shoes. You will never go wrong – or get hurt.


Material (Upper): Mesh
Sole: Contragrip
Lacing: Quicklace
Weight: 1lb oz / 290 g


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