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8.7 tech score The Sea Kayak has received countless positive reviews from satisfied customers – many of which have expressed great satisfaction with its adjustable back band, padded seat pan, padded thigh braces, ‘SlideLock’ and many others. So far, there is yet to be a report on the disadvantage of any feature in the Wilderness Systems Tempest Sea Kayak other than satisfactory miles and hours of touring experiences!

ilderness Systems Tempest Sea Kayak

The Wilderness Systems Tempest Sea Kayak, made with Polyethylene, is the leading product of the kayaks in the Tempest line of Sea products. With its exceptional designs, features and functionality in the industry, the Wilderness Systems Tempest recently won the Sea Kayakers Magazines prestigious “SK’s Readers Choice Award for the Best Weekend Touring Kayak”; a remarkable award that opened the eyes of boat lovers towards the wonderful features of this product.

The Wilderness Systems Tempest is designed with a very wide fit range of medium to larger paddlers. It is created to offer users the efficiency, maneuverability and stability they need with their boats. It is the best companion to novice paddlers as well as to advanced level instructors.

Qualities of Wilderness Systems Tempest Sea Kayak

The wilderness systems Tempest series Phase 3XP outfitting is known to be the leading design in the kayak industry.  It is manufactured with a 5-easy adjust straps that is custom fitted with the back band. The hip pads, thigh supports and padded seat are made adjustable to facilitate easy usage. Also, it features the SideLock footbraces designed to allow easy adjustable on the water with a well designed and functional deck rigging.
Nothing hurts more than having a hectic time trying to navigate on the sea while fighting the wave. Owners and lovers always talk about the Tempest because of its good touring pace; touch it slightly and it responds to your control! It has a thing for high adrenaline response and speed bursts. It offers users convenient touring experience with the rockered hull, well built chined sides and shallow Vee hull which instantly responds to subtle course corrections – a quality that anybody who has experience with boats would pay for.
The Wilderness Systems Tempest except that  is designed with a shallow Vee hull, it also has a long waterline length with which it maintains high stability. There are also the uniquely designed sides that endlessly sit on the edge to balance the water waves and improve proper trusts. It offers effortless touring which both experienced and novice paddlers will enjoy.
The Tempest features a high Gear capacity with efficient cruising speed that can take a full load with no obstruction. It has the flared bow resurfaces and sheds waves while in big-water conditions accompanied by a very good low deck profile that reduces windage – both of which limits water wave and wind interference with the kayak.

Features of Wilderness Systems Tempest Sea Kayak

The wilderness Systems Tempest Sea Kayak is the industry best choice that fits into variety of sizes, skill levels and paddling needs. Speaking of its quality and functionality, it has received the “SK’s Readers Choice Award for Best Touring Kayak” which speaks volume of its value and applicability in the industry. Here are some of its standard features;

  • The Tempest Poly Series is designed with 3-push on VCP style hatch covers with 3- foam bulkheads. This improves its performance and facilitates user experience.
  • It is the industry’s leading Sea Kayak designed with adjustable components including a multi-adjustable back band,  a padded seat pan which can adjust up or down,  adjustable / removable padded thigh braces, ‘SlideLock’ easy adjust foot braces, efficient deck rigging, reflective perimeter lines for convenience, refined retractable ‘TruTrak Skeg‘ System, and a Nexus 70P recessed compass mount for easy access.
  • The Wilderness Systems Tempest Sea Kayak is available in different colours including red, orange, yellow and mango which does not only fit into users taste but matches many events that the kayak may be used for like adventurous missions, recreational trips, etc.

When you need quality services, unlimited touring experience and durable kayak components, The Wilderness Systems Tempest provides effortless top notch sea cruising experience. It is safe for any adventurous sea tour, relaxation purposes or for just a sea trip to free the mind and take on the beauty of nature. It can take you up to hundreds of miles while you explore places you have never been with this simple, functional friend of yours.
The Wilderness Systems Tempest Sea Kayak is a high-density polyethylene plastic with Phase 3 outfitting and many other adjustable features that makes its usage effortless and fun.
We have two different types of this extraordinary Sea Kayak according to its length.

Wilderness Systems Tempest 170 Sea Kayak Infos and Specs

The Wilderness Systems Tempest 170 is:

Length: 17′ / 518 cm’
Width: 22″ / 56 cm
Weight: 57 lbs. / 26 kg
Cockpit: 34 x 18″ / 86 x 46 cm
Deck Height: 13.5″ / 34 cm
Max Capacity: 325 lbs. / 147 kg

It also has:
10″ diameter bow hatch
8” diameter day hatch
18.5” x 12.5” stern hatch

Wilderness Systems Tempest 165 Sea Kayak Infos and Specs

The Wilderness Systems Tempest 165 is:

Length: 16′ 6″ / 503 cm
Width: 21.5″ / 55 cm
Weight: 55 lbs. / 25 kg
Cockpit: 34 x 18″ / 86 x 46 cm
Deck Height: 12.5″ / 32 cm
Max Capacity: 300 lbs. / 136 kg

It also has:
10″ diameter bow hatch
8” diameter day hatch
18.5” x 12.5” stern hatch


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